Hi, my name is Malwina and for almost 13 years I’ve been throwing a hammer. With my soul, heart and body, I was always been associated with Puławy and the Lublin Province. This is the place when I started my training, here I was happy with my first successes and here I come back after each competition and preparation to regenerate with my family and friends.

Hammer Throw is my whole life, thanks to everyday hard work that I won medals at the world’s most important events. Thanks to my commitment, I had the opportunity to perform at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and now I am preparing to fight for medals during the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Although trainings, competitions and long trips take a lot of time, I try to develop, among others through studies at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. I am passionate and I try to do 100% of everything I do and what I devote myself to, because I have repeatedly found out that it brings results, even though sometimes it is not easy.

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Thanks to that I became one of the best

On August 7, 2017, I won the most important achievement in my life – a bronze medal at the World Championships. From the very beginning of this competition, I knew and felt that I was perfectly prepared and that was my time. The pass to the finals was the result of 71.50m. I won the elimination, throwing my second career result – 74.97m on the first throw. In the final, in the first round, I sent the hammer 74.76m, and this distance gave me the bronze medal, there was no end to euphoria.

 Anita Włodarczyk won the gold medal. The following years were full of many other successes on international arenas, including: a gold medal at the Taipei Universiade in 2017, a silver medal at the Universiade in Napoli in 2018 and a bronze medal at the World Military Sports Games in Wuhan in 2019. Year 2020 it has been a difficult and strange year for many of us. I focused more on training and finally ended it with the vice-championship of Poland and the third result in the world. My hard work was appreciated by the prestigious American magazine „Track and Fields News”, ranking me second in the world among women in my competition.

my beloved coach

How did this started?

At the age of 14, I was a small blonde and hardly anyone believed me that I had started the hammer throw trainings, they laughed at me and told me that I won’t manage because it is too hard. However, I knew that I would be able to handle it, because at my side I had a man who I owe everything in my career, my grandfather Witold Kopron.

When I was child my parents worked a lot and after school it was him who looked after me. As long as I remember, he led an athletics group, and thanks to the fact that the classes took place after school, I took part in almost every training. After months of sitting and watching the elders train, I started jumping on mattresses, doing rollovers, hurdles, playing volleyball and basketball. Month by month I focused on technical sports and became interested in javelin and hammer throwing. 2008 was the beautiful beginning of my sports career. After throwing 42.77 meters with a 3-kilo hammer, I took third place at he Little Memorial of Janusz Kusociński and won my first medal.

Under the watchful eye of my grandfather, I was perfecting my skills, and the progress was getting bigger and bigger every year. I won gold and bronze medals at the Polish Championships in hammer and javelin throw. Until I finally made the decision to focus solely on hammer throw, which led me to the fateful year of 2017.



2nd place - Polish Championships
The season ended with the third result in the world – 74.18


1st place - Polish Championships
2nd place - Summer Universiade
3rd place - World Military Sports Games


4th place - European Championship
3rd place - Winter European Cup
5th place - World Hammer Throw Challengey
3rd place - Polish Championships


3rd place - World Championship
1st place - Summer Universiade – CR 76.85
4th place - World Hammer Throw Challenge
2nd place - Polish Championships


2nd place - Polish Championships Polish Youth Record – 72.74
6th place - European Championship
Representing Poland - in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro


1st place - Polish Championship U23
3rd place - Polish Championships
3rd place - European Championship U23


1st place - Winter European Cup
1st place - Polish Championship U23


1st place - European Junior Championships
4th place - European Junior Championships


1st place - Polish Junior Championships


1st place - Polish National Youth Olympics
2nd place - World Junior Championships


I would like to thank for help and support, to those who contributed in development of my career.
Thanks to you my possibilities are greater and the goals are more ambitious and closer to achieve.


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Województwo lubelskie - it is one of the richest regions in the country in terms of the number of monuments and historical complexes. The city's urban complexes deserve attention: the Renaissance Zamość, known as the Padua of the North, Kazimierz Dolny the city of artists on the bank of Vistula River and medieval Lublin with its original, unchanged Old Town.

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Anna Krawczak
e-mail: manager@malwinakopron.pl
tel.: +48 516 028 800

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The content of the website is legally protected
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